The Real NakhreWaali


ADITI MISRA 2Aditi Misra, a teacher, a mentor and a friend shares her #TheRealNakhreWaali journey with us.

ADITI MISRA 3“We work better under pressure’, said everyone. But I always thought that ‘We work better with passion’. I have dedicated my life to teaching children because I put my heart into it. A soulless experience hardly results in ripe fruits. One needs to work in a direction where one can see their dreams transforming into reality. A certain amount of skill set and a bucket full of passion can take you places. But at the same time you have to know that you’re never wrong about what you want to do, whether you should be doing it or not, is the question. Your heart always knows what it wants. You surely can find the answer only when you start the journey. There will be obstacles, there will be low points, how else will you cherish whatever you achieve?

Equality for me is a state of mind. There is this huge rage about who deserves what specially between the two sexes and I feel that’s completely irrational. The word “equal” has a very strong meaning to it and half of the world is unable to understand that, that is one of the reasons why the word Feminism does not stand on a singular definition. Forget about necessities, we women have to fight for a chance to even live or give birth a girl child. This saddens me and if I can make even the slightest change in a couple of lives, I would consider my journey a success. And for that I teach, not necessarily a subject, but values. ‘Nakhre’ is a very interesting word, but unfortunately is taken in a very wrong way in our country. Nakhra is an attitude- It’s the way I live. Why would I let someone define me differently in every aspect of my life. I am who I am and I wouldn’t let anyone question me on that. If that makes me a ‘NakhreWaali’, then be it! Every woman has her own nakhras, which makes every woman, “The Real NakhreWaali.”


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