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Bulbul Varma

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Bulbul Varma aka Fravaganza shares her #TheRealNakhreWaali journey with us.

Academic excellence cannot define who you are or rather what you are going to be as an individual. I was always very strong academically, but my heart was craving for something more, something in the field of fashion. I started with corporate life and eventually landed up blogging. 

Life has its unexpected turns and embracing them is the wisest way to go. My journey has been challenging, but my dream has always been too high to get hurt. Blogging in itself has been an alternate life I chose to live and embrace. Also, it makes me calm and I believe that if you are happy inside, it automatically reflects outside.

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I say, celebrate your being, be fearless, be undaunted and never get bogged down by whatever is going on in your life. Take each day as a challenge, be self constructive and always dream a little! If you are all that and much more, for me, you are The Real NakhreWaali”

Here Bulbul Varma, flaunts our Naqab Earrings

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