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The Real NakhreWaali, iNakhreWaali

Chinna Dua

When we walked in for our next interview, we encountered an elegant and gracefully poised woman. She was clad in a beautiful white saree and was rocking our Mishti earrings that seemed to perfectly match her sweet persona. She had an aura all around her that attracted us and soon we lost ourselves in a beautiful and enriching conversation. We knew that once again we had encountered a real NakhreWaali.

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Meet Chinna Dua, she truly blew our minds away with her majestic thoughts, her amazing vocals and a prodigious collection of elegant sarees. Her soul truly spoke out to us. Being a mother to two beautiful daughters, having raised them with brilliance, she has now ventured into promoting the beautiful crafts and culture of India. She pursued her passion and is now the proud promoter of Indian textiles. She is unapologetically and unabashed about who she is. She is the Real NakhreWaali.

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Here are a few beautiful words of inspiration by Chinna Dua herself:

No one can stop you from realizing your dreams if you put in your 100 percent towards it. To all the women out there who are ready to see their dreams, in reality, I would like to tell them that let nothing hold you back. Give it your best shot and ace it with perfection. Don’t ruin this remarkable journey with dishonesty. Be honest and don’t settle for mediocrity, because you surely can do way better than that.

One question that most of my followers ask me is “How many sarees do you have?” Well, to be honest, I have lost count. Most of the sarees from this precious collection are gifts of love from my hubby. In the last couple of years, I have received many sarees from fans & followers. I call them “gifts of love” although they are collaborations because the love and warmth that accompanies these gifts is palpable and I truly cherish them. A rough estimate would stand at 500.
According to me, The Real NakhreWaali is someone who knows what she wants. She wants her saree to be perfectly ironed or eats what she wants to eat and looks how she wants to look. What others say does not matter to her and others should not question her choice. She is swimming in her own world and she decides which direction she wants to take.

Here, Chinna Dua looks graceful in our Mishti Earrings.