The Real NakhreWaali

Harpreeth Suri

‘See simplicity in the complicated, seek greatness in small things’. I am a mother of two and my life revolves around love, compassion and observation. I learn from small gestures made by the tiniest of beings (especially kids) and turn them into life lessons. I blog my way through life and literally my kids are my muse. Being a mom has taught me so many things, but the most important one is how to change my flaws into flares. It has given me the courage to become someone who can re-write her own rules. I have never conformed to the norms of the society, I truly believe that working hard and putting your best foot forward in whatever role you are in, is the only way to ace at life.


‘The Real NakhreWaali’ is someone like me, who takes pride in being particular about things. She is meticulous and truly is a game changer. I want people to know that we women, don’t need sympathy and consolation at ever speed breaker. We are a world in itself, a world full of strength and a lot more of Nakhras.


Here Harpreeth looks super chic in our Poo Blouse !

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