When I was born a couple of years ago, I was a mere thought, a tiny idea, a glorious dream. That dream was given life, much like a child being born. But unknowingly to me I was unique, more unique than I ever cared to acknowledge. It wasn’t I who recognised the uniqueness though, it wasn’t I who helped me grab eyeballs, it was the people. You. I maybe NakhreWaali but it was you, always you, all of you that were The Real NakhreWaalis.

Everything that happened to me happened from the heart, what started as mild fear turned to over confidence when NakhreWaali, a term that people might have looked down upon started getting giggles and even admiration. Everyone wanted a piece. Be it Gulabo or Banno or Pataka, everyone wanted a piece of me. But with admiration, prestige and uniqueness comes imitators. And that imitation replaces the self confidence with doubt. Doubt of are we good enough? Doubt of are we still unique if there are so many versions? Are we going to better ourselves every single time? Or are we going to get lost with the ever increasing pack?

But out of that doubt I realised I had more sides to me. Just as NakhreWaali was supposed to have layers of emotional sides, it turned out that it had layers of creativity too. Not just earrings, but of blouses, of notepads, of bangles, of septums, of Lights Camera Nakhra and of Bollywood Nakhra and of Nakhra and Chill, there were bits everywhere. The doubt turned to confidence again. The confidence turned to a sense of assuredness.

Because somewhere we realised that you may do a moon walk but there is only one Michael Jackson, you may hit a helicopter shot but there is only one MS Dhoni, you may spread your arms but there is only one Shah Rukh Khan. So NakhreWaali is back, back to where it started. Back to earrings. With you. Where you are the models, you are the muses, you are the NakhreWaalis. You, the one’s who believed in us when even we didn’t. You who makes us who we are.

And now we have new elements, new designs, new technique, new colours and new Nakhras. Tell the world, we’ve come home. We’ve painted the town with Nakhras, we showered the festivities with Nakhras, go tell the world… Nakhra is Back.

Here Shivangi Tanwar is flaunting our Chatpata Earrings and adding more color to our festivities, Harpreet Lugani adorns Khata Meetha Earrings.

Bharti Bhardwaj wearing Makhni Earrings ,along with Alankrita Mallick in our Khata Meetha Earrings.


Divya Katna reviving Indian beauty in Kadak Earrings and Anushka Anand quirks up the festive vibe wearing Laal Mirch Earrings

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