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The Real NakhreWaali

Neha Doodles

Neha Sharma (@neha.doodles) shared her #TheRealNakhreWaali story, “Make your tomorrow a brighter resemblance of your today. A decade old hobby turned into a permanent passion and as much as I love telling stories; this, by far is my favorite one. I started off with a career in Charted Accountancy and to vent out my boredom – I doodled. Slowly, it caught my sincere attention and I discovered that I could turn this into a full time job! “An Illustrator”. Some say that it wasn’t the best call of my life but when was I ever going to listen to what they had to say?! Never!

Since I was technologically advanced than most of my peers, I used social media to my advantage and started posting my stuff. It got a lot of attention and henceforth, I started my exciting journey as an illustrator.

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I have been brought up in a very gender neutral environment and I don’t understand the constant need for the society to remind women about their ‘duties’. I feel we are progressing towards a world where both genders are equal entities. Fortunately, the current position of an Indian woman is changing, she is making and breaking her own rules. She is someone who looks forward to being self sufficient and independent, both financially and physically. She is driven, she is sassy and she walks on her own runway. I feel someone who is all that is ought to be ‘The Real NakhreWaali’

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