Raag Nakhra 1
Raag Nakhra

Raag Nakhra

Raag Bageshri. Raag Bhairav. Raag Yaman. Raag Bhopali.
My childhood revolved around these. Learning one or the other raag, practicing it, playing it with my guru, sing it in my garden.

As with music, my life took it’s own tune and reached several different destinations. Some I was prepared for, some came as a surprise. Pleasant and otherwise.

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Ooooh Instagram. #OOTD. #Fashion #WhatIWore…. NakhreWaali.
My adult life took me to pastures that I flirted with but ones that remained largely unknown when it came to a professional stand point. From trying to win the Instagram game to reaching a point where you try to reap the benefits of it and make it the air you breathe.

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But somewhere, somehow, much like Delhi, as beautiful as it is, there was a bit of pollution in the air. A nagging pain the chest waiting for heart’s true desires to come out.

The music fetched me compliments, some deserved, some humbling, mostly liberating. The fashion, particularly this maximalist fashion fetched me superlatives. Some deserved, some humbling, most creepy stalkers (which in a way forces you to be even more liberating). And then the air cleared and in front of me lay an answer, a collaboration of the biggest factors in my life. Music and fashion. A curation for my NakhreWaali with my music.

Raag Nakhra 7


I hope it liberates as you as much as it does to me.

For you, by me, from us… Raag Nakhra.