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The Real NakhreWaali

Sakshi Sindwani

“When life gives you lemons, you make some lemonade!

Story of my life started with the most uncertain possibility to a full time career move. Being a Youtuber not just made me who I am today, but it also helped me get through the toughest times. As I grew into it, I saw how my work started impacting lives and that’s what made me strong enough to continue on this journey. Also, the creative kick that I get from doing what I do, is beyond measure. I love spreading happiness around me and I, most certainly do deserve some for myself; there’s nothing more in life which gives me more joy and happiness than connecting with people via my videos.

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Very often I see women who don’t justify their existence; they are continuously trying to fit in. I always encourage individuality. Find your own shoes to fit in, why need someone else’s?! Be that hustler you never thought you could be, be THAT you who is aware of her capabilities and her sunshine. Let your talent, hard work and persistence define you. You shine and be The Real NakhreWaali”

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Here Sakshi is looking great wearing our NakhreWaali Pendant.

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