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The Real NakhreWaali

Sheena Sherwani

“I don’t defy those who believe men deserve better than women. I myself come from a family of ‘male dominant’ people. Though, my father always taught me to push harder and achieve greater things in life, I always made my own rules. From a very young age I taught myself that I am beyond competing in a race, I am here to create milestones. I value life and every moment that makes me whoever I am today. I have a constant hunger to be a better version of myself. I constantly take a leap of faith in my journey to better myself. Often I call myself a ‘Serial Entrepreneur’ because why not?! Until and unless you don’t try, you’ll never know what might bloom for you.

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Also, when challenges hit you, give yourself a timeframe to fail. Success or failure is all a part of the game. It’s just a process to experience the undiscovered. Being fearless has taken me places and I want all women to be the same. To me honouring yourself and capturing the attention of the world with your wit and charm rather than just your beauty is essential.

Take your own decisions and if you fail, take pride in standing back and say, “Yes I failed. So what?” Every woman who honours her being in the most vulnerable state and accepts herself for whoever she is, is ‘The Real NakhreWaali’ for me.” #TheRealNakhreWaali

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