The Real NakhreWaali


So, who is The Real NakhreWaali?


Is she someone who is daring? someone who is shy, fearless, independent?

She is someone who is unapologetically herself.

Shibani Bedi, a Delhi based theatre and web/TV/film actor shares her #TheRealNakhreWaali journey with us.

SHIBANI BEDI 3“Is it worth juggling between choices to find the real pursuit of happiness? I say no! I channel my drive, I channel my inner calling and I channel what makes me, me.

Living in a world of 9 to 5 and waiting for weekends to happen, is certainly not a choice I wanted to stay back with. Therefore, even if it came a little late in life, I dared. I dared to do the uncertain, I dared to listen to my heart. Hardships are a part of our journey, but the most challenging part of starting a little late in life is that one needs to constantly combat stereotypes based on age, color, sex or size which can be a bit overwhelming but what isn’t?! As long as you have it in you- you push back, you push harder!

Everything and anything takes time. Especially, when change is the only constant we have in our lives. We should stand by patiently and let life roll it’s dice; sure shall we move along accordingly.

When I think, a lot of women who hold their ground can often be mistaken with being aggressive, intimidating and having an attitude problem, but as long as it justifies to their idea of happiness, I say take your Nakhras along and don’t ever shy away from being who you really are. These women rationally define The Real NakhreWaali for me. As long as your Nakhras  serve you joy, bring it on! Bring on the fierce!”


Here Shibani Bedi is flaunting our Coin Choker and Roobaroo earrings.


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