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The Real NakhreWaali

Tuheena Raj

“I Love the word NakhreWaali! It’s got sass. It’s fun. It really reminds you of the old world fun era. NakhreWaali has this old world quirky charm to it. If you want to be pretentious go ahead! If you want to be subtle go ahead!”

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I grew up watching plays and reading books, I think from a young age we all are conditioned to creativity. So when I landed a job in a bank, my creative side was jumping around searching for an outlet amidst all the technical work. I started my blog ‘Words of Worth’ as my creative outlet. Every post I put up filled me with a sense of satisfaction and made me whole. Writing is something that feeds my passion, so I kept on writing and kept on posting, hoping that my words make a change in people’s life.

I think poetry is a very powerful medium to express emotions. Saying a few pointed things in a few lines really reaches to the heart and makes you feel something. I believe that if you are saying something that has a reason and purpose then it will resonate with people. This is something that always attracted me, and made an impact on me. That is what I want my audience to feel. The magic of poetry is powerful and I hope that my words connect with people.

I think that being in a creative field everyone is in search of validation. People reading my work, appreciating it and recognizing me for it really meant a lot to me. My core goal when I started my blog was to push literature to the fore. The superficial digital world with memes and selfies really got to me. I wanted other sectors like literature to be incorporated in the digital space as well. Along the way when people started to connect with my words, it filled me with a lot of joy.

What I want people to take away from my words is that Life is not a construct that you perceive it is. There are a lot of flaws and incompetencies in people, there are a lot of unreal things that we cannot wrap our heads around and it’s all okay. There is space for everyone on the spectrum. I want my poetry to be as inclusive as possible, I want a bi-curious person to read my work and resonate with it. I want someone from different sexuality to read my words and resonate with it. I want women to be empowered when they read my work. I want my words to resonate with the entire community, including men who are overshadowed by the norm of masculinity. I want my words to tell them that they are not alone.

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