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Vidya Tikari

Our next interviewee was making her mark when the makeup industry was just brewing up in our country. From working in harsh weather conditions to adopting the dramatic boom of technology, she has certainly managed to do it all with great confidence and elegance. From Madhuri Dixit to Priyanka Chopra, she has put her magic wand on whose who of the Bollywood and left her impression throughout the world. We could not wait to meet this confident, bold and inspiring woman who has achieved so much in life. As we entered her studio, we saw the beautiful and elegant Vidya Tikari and our conversation flowed like a beautiful story full of inspiring moments.

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So, my journey started 28 years ago, I was the first freelance Makeup Artist that belonged from Delhi. People were not comfortable with the thought of makeup artists from Delhi back then. Artists from Mumbai would fly down for occasions during that time. When I started out, it was just me and a few other women.

During the 90’s we did not have the resources to fight against the beating Heat. The makeup used to just slide off the models. I was constantly doing touch ups and wiping away the smudged eyeliner. Nowadays, with the introduction of “intelligent” makeup, all our problems are solved. The products do half of our work. The new thing now is social media. Everyone wants to achieve what’s new. 10 years ago everyone one wanted to look like Aishwarya Rai even though their features did not match. It was tough to tell the clients as they did not have the knowledge. But in today’s world, people are much more realistic. 

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Nowadays, everything has changed and nothing is like the past.  I see these young children who have come out with their own lines of brushes, contact lenses, lashes, you name it and its there. It is an inspiration for us as we get to use all their products.  The knowledge they have is amazing. They travel a lot, they have the time, they don’t have kids, and I say they should go for it and keep practicing. I would like to tell them to take it a little easy and give it time, and time means that you have to put in a lot of your hard work. There are so many people going after what they want. But competition is not a bad thing, it pushes you to become the best version of yourself.