INR 500/- OFF on a cart of INR 4500/-
Chandni Raat Earrings Chandni Raat Earrings
Chandni Raat Earrings
Regular price Rs 1,600 Rs 2,000 Sale price
    Nakhra Hi-Fi Earrings Nakhra Hi-Fi Earrings
    Nakhra Hi-Fi Earrings
    Regular price Rs 3,040 Rs 3,800 Sale price
      Barabar Che Earrings Barabar Che Earrings
      Barabar Che Earrings
      Regular price Rs 2,180 Rs 2,700 Sale price
        Gulabo Earrings Gulabo Earrings
        Gulabo Earrings
        Regular price Rs 4,640 Rs 5,800 Sale price
          CEO Earrings CEO Earrings
          CEO Earrings
          Regular price Rs 4,400
            G.O.A.T. Earrings G.O.A.T. Earrings
            G.O.A.T. Earrings
            Regular price Rs 5,950
              What Jhumka? Earrings What Jhumka? Earrings
              What Jhumka? Earrings
              Regular price Rs 3,600 Rs 4,500 Sale price
                Savage Sushila Earrings Savage Sushila Earrings
                NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                Savage Sushila Earrings
                Regular price Rs 2,880 Rs 3,600 Sale price
                  Rasleela Hoop Earrings Rasleela Hoop Earrings
                  NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                  Rasleela Hoop Earrings
                  Regular price Rs 2,750
                    Sharmili Handcuff Sharmili Handcuff
                    NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                    Sharmili Handcuff
                    Regular price Rs 3,750
                      Banno ki Saheli Earrings Banno ki Saheli Earrings
                      NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                      Banno ki Saheli Earrings
                      Regular price Rs 2,560 Rs 3,200 Sale price
                        Not Your Baby! Necklace Not Your Baby! Necklace
                        NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                        Not Your Baby! Necklace
                        Regular price Rs 4,500
                          Oo La La! Necklace Oo La La! Necklace
                          NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                          Oo La La! Necklace
                          Regular price Rs 1,900
                            Desi Girl Choker Desi Girl Choker
                            NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                            Desi Girl Choker
                            Regular price Rs 3,840 Rs 4,800 Sale price
                              Queen B Choker Queen B Choker
                              NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                              Queen B Choker
                              Regular price Rs 2,295 Rs 2,700 Sale price
                                Heeriye Ring Heeriye Ring
                                NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                Heeriye Ring
                                Regular price Rs 1,170 Rs 1,800 Sale price
                                  P.H.A.T (Pretty Hot & Tempting) Tip Rings P.H.A.T (Pretty Hot & Tempting) Tip Rings
                                  NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                  P.H.A.T (Pretty Hot & Tempting) Tip Rings
                                  Regular price Rs 2,880 Rs 4,800 Sale price
                                    Proper Patola Ring Proper Patola Ring
                                    NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                    Proper Patola Ring
                                    Regular price Rs 1,770 Rs 2,950 Sale price
                                      Kutti Pie Ring Kutti Pie Ring
                                      NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                      Kutti Pie Ring
                                      Regular price Rs 700
                                        IYKYK Necklace IYKYK Necklace
                                        NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                        IYKYK Necklace
                                        Regular price Rs 2,160 Rs 3,600 Sale price
                                          Eye-Spy Ring Eye-Spy Ring
                                          NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                          Eye-Spy Ring
                                          Regular price Rs 1,600
                                          • Eye-Spy Ring
                                          • Eye-Spy Ring
                                          Kudi Pataka Bangle Kudi Pataka Bangle
                                          NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                          Kudi Pataka Bangle
                                          Regular price Rs 1,250
                                            Khub Bhalo (Pink) Bangle Khub Bhalo (Pink) Bangle
                                            NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                            Khub Bhalo (Pink) Bangle
                                            Regular price Rs 2,700
                                            • Khub Bhalo (Pink) Bangle
                                            Radha Maang Tikka Radha Maang Tikka
                                            NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                            Radha Maang Tikka
                                            Regular price Rs 1,080 Rs 1,800 Sale price
                                              Jabardast Belt Jabardast Belt
                                              NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                              Jabardast Belt
                                              Regular price Rs 8,800
                                                Khub Bhalo (Aqua Silver) Bangle Khub Bhalo (Aqua Silver) Bangle
                                                NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                Khub Bhalo (Aqua Silver) Bangle
                                                Regular price Rs 2,700
                                                  Khub Bhalo (Khaki Green) Bangle Khub Bhalo (Khaki Green) Bangle
                                                  NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                  Khub Bhalo (Khaki Green) Bangle
                                                  Regular price Rs 2,700
                                                    Bakudi (Bindi set of 15) Bakudi (Bindi set of 15)
                                                    NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                    Bakudi (Bindi set of 15)
                                                    Regular price Rs 2,400
                                                      IYKYK earrings IYKYK earrings
                                                      NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                      IYKYK earrings
                                                      Regular price Rs 2,660 Rs 3,800 Sale price
                                                        Chulbuli (Bindi set of 12) Chulbuli (Bindi set of 12)
                                                        NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                        Chulbuli (Bindi set of 12)
                                                        Regular price Rs 1,440 Rs 1,800 Sale price
                                                          Haseena (Bindi set of 12) Haseena (Bindi set of 12)
                                                          NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                          Haseena (Bindi set of 12)
                                                          Regular price Rs 1,800
                                                            Boujee Earrings Boujee Earrings
                                                            NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                            Boujee Earrings
                                                            Regular price Rs 3,400
                                                              IYKYK ring IYKYK ring
                                                              NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                              IYKYK ring
                                                              Regular price Rs 1,200 Rs 2,000 Sale price
                                                                Vibe Check Choker Vibe Check Choker
                                                                NAKHRA EXPRESS CART
                                                                Vibe Check Choker
                                                                Regular price Rs 2,240 Rs 3,200 Sale price
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